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Here at Kreative Visions, we like to push your limits (in a good way, I promise). Prove to you that your visions are not just imaginary, but concrete and achievable. Our mission is to work alongside extremely driven businesses and help fill in any gaps that are affecting their bottom line. It can be difficult to navigate and stand out in this saturated space, especially with everything transitioning online. As a boutique agency, our in-house team is ready to work alongside you and scale you to greater heights.


Paid Advertising

Our flagship service will completely transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days, you will have your ads running! All we need is the content you'd like to use, then our team will start to construct your winning campaigns.

Social Media Management

We heavily value brand awareness throughout all your social media accounts. Our goal is to enhance your digital presence by providing relevant content and increasing your following.

Meet The team!



Julimei is the founder of Kreative Visions Media. With a strong passion for knowledge and a background in Human Resource Management, she decided to pursue a career that helps small and medium-sized businesses scale to unimaginable heights - no matter what their visions are. Although she focuses primarily on the backend operations, she is available to consult with her clients whenever they are in need of guidance. In her free time, she loves to hop on the next foodie adventure with her friends, cruise the city on her longboard, or travel (pre-pandemic).


Annalyn is a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. She started experimenting with freelancing back in 2019 for six months doing cold calling and lead generation. She then stopped for a while to work on a cruise ship again, but then the pandemic hit. Since she had a background in freelancing, she decided to take a Virtual Assistant course to develop her skills, as well as offer more products and services. She has now been working as a Virtual Assistant for a year and would call it her passion.


Brandon is a seasoned media buyer with 9+ years of experience. Brandon specializes in social media marketing, with a keen focus on performance and profit-generating campaigns. Brandon is a lover of animals (with a bias towards doggos) and spends his free time hiking, or with friends at the local farmer’s market/brewery.



Erik is a 4th year Bachelor of Communications student at Capilano University. His experience lies in social media management, public relations, and event planning. When he's not working on social media or a public relations plan, you may find him at the nearest happy hour spot, hiking, or enjoying his free time with friends and family at the beach.

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